Tribute to the iconic Margaret Fulton.
Tribute to the iconic Margaret Fulton.

Why home cooks will miss Margaret Fulton

COOKBOOK queen Margaret Fulton will live on in kitchens around Australia after her recent death at the age of 94.

Her most iconic work The Margaret Fulton Cookbook has been celebrated as a defining moment in the Australian food landscape.

She encouraged generations to try new cuisine and to add flair to their cooking, long before the popularity of celebrity chefs.

Here's why you loved her.

Louisa Barton: Margaret's recipes are just the best, Margaret was an inspiration and will be sorely missed. My condolences to Margaret's family, may it be of comfort to you all to know how much she was revered and highly thought of. The cookbook pictured was amongst my first cookbooks and I recently gave it to my eldest granddaughter, long may Margaret reign.

Tanya Peart: Bread and Butter Pudding with a nice half cup of whiskey or bourbon.

Wanda Bateman: MF's Pumpkin Scone recipe from her Cooking For Good Health recipe book.

Vicki Steppins: I got this book with this cover from my friends mother for my 21st birthday.

Sharon Munro: My Margaret cook book stands proudly on our kitchen bench ...everyday .Thank you for all your wonderful recipes. You have left your foot print in the world Margaret with all your great recipes.

Susan Harmon: Oh no loved her books.

Edithe Pigott: I met her and did some of her courses when I was first married, lovely lady!

Samantha Elley: Mum had all her cookbooks.

Anne Louise Droy: I've had her book for decades and still use it often. Brilliant woman. Vale Margaret.

Teresa Bracewell: One of the original celebrity chefs.

Mary Bligh: Iconic.

Jayne Fitzpatrick: Who could forget  this legend?