Nimbin identity Peter
Nimbin identity Peter "The Rock" Till outside Lismore Court House.

Why man’s three-year court battle suddenly came to an end

A NIMBIN man charged with cultivating and supplying marijuana has had his charges dropped after a three-year battle in the courts.

Peter Till, 52, appeared before Lismore District Court on Friday carrying a giant teddy bear named 'Ted' to set a date for his trial.

Mr Till was charged in 2017 with cultivating and supplying marijuana.

He had continued to object throughout proceedings about problems with evidence and court transcripts.

However, after a trial date was set for next March and Mr Till left the court on Tuesday, the Crown Prosecutor informed Judge Dina Yehia all proceedings would be dropped "for discretionary reasons only".

Judge Yehia vacated the trial date and ordered the court registrar to inform Mr Till about the decision.