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Why there’s an insect plague at your house

FROM midges to fruit flies and even the bush fly, bugs are sending locals batty with residents reporting a rise in the amount of insects and bugs infiltrating their homes.

Doctor Bryce Peters, a Entomologist and Visiting Fellow from the University of Technology Sydney, said that recent events which has seen flooding and humidity in surrounding areas is a potential reason behind the rise.

"The warmer it is the more active they are, the faster they breed," Dr. Peters said.

"It's favourable environmental conditions, that includes good temperature, but insects love humidity.

"Insects don't control their body temperature like we do, they rely on the temperature around them."

"Mosquitos are in the same order (as fruit flies) in Diptera and they're doing well … in fact most flies would be doing well (in these conditions)."

Dr. Peters said not to fear because there are a variety of ways to conquer the insects and restore order to your home.

"Screens will work for the larger species of flies but the smaller spieces can get through the screen … if they're finding a lot of flies in their home, look for the source, there might be a fruit that is infested or a garbage bin you forgot to take out.

"Sometimes you can get vinegar flies which breed in the gunge of the drain, some people pour boiling water down the drain to stop them or there are products you can get.

"Anything fermenting like beer or wine will attract flies and they'll get in and die or you can get traps for around the house, that sort of thing will get most species."