Why was Casino mayor at the other 'beef capital'?

CASINO has long claimed the title of being the Beef Capital of Australia, so why was our mayor in Rockhampton last week for their beef expo?

Robert Mustow and general manager Vaughan Macdonald attended Beef Australia Expo in Rockhampton, held from May 7-9.

But don't worry, they assure the community they aren't missing out on anything.

"To me their beef expo is a beef expo. It's like a big Primex - it's all about the rural industries," Cr Mustow said.

"It's held in the showground so everything is confined in the showground.

"It's every three years so it's a big thing up there.

"As a community organisation ours is more of a festival and unites our community.

"If you weren't into beef or the industry there'd be nothing there for you."

Mr Macdonald said he calls it as "the beefed up Primex".

While they were there, the pair had the opportunity to look at public space improvement projects in Yeppoon, Emu Park and Rockhampton.

"We went up on Monday and got back on Wednesday to see what happens in Rockhampton," Cr Mustow said.

They admired a recently opened lagoon or "fancy swimming pool", a water park, and an amphitheatre on the beach.

"It's got a bit of everything," Mr Macdonald said.

"Rockhampton riverside park upgrade includes a boat house which is very similar in design to what we've proposed for Woodburn Riverside."

"I think a lot of that was very beneficial. There's a lot to take away from that."

Council staff from Rockhampton will also be dropping in to Casino Beef Week, and Cr Mustow said he extended an invitation to Rockhampton Mayor, who expressed interest for another year.