Why we need to get behind proposed milk levy

IF YOU love milk and care about farmers, you should get behind the push to introduce a 10c drought levy on all milk.

It's great we have so many people donating to the drought appeals running across the country.

But something has to change at the supermarket checkout.

Under the proposal, major supermarkets would increase the price on all milk by 10c a litre, and that full amount would go directly back to farmers.

For too long we've seen the impact $1 a litre milk has had on dairy farmers.

Here are some sobering statistics from the Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation.

Since its introduction, 170 Queensland dairy farmers have left the industry, and more than $200 million per year has been stripped from the dairy supply chain.

Clearly something needs to be done about the massive issue.

In the interim, you can vote to support dairy farmers at the checkout.

Instead of buying the cheap milk, make sure it is a product sold under a processor brand that ends up in your fridge.

Find out more about the proposal at dairypage.com.au.

If you would like to donate to drought-stricken farmers, you can visit qlddroughtappeal.com.au.