The storytelling of this incredible rescue has only just begun.
The storytelling of this incredible rescue has only just begun.

Why we've been hooked on cave rescue saga

LIKE millions of others, I've been following every twist and turn of the amazing Thai cave rescue in recent days.

I've been holding my breath at times as I hoped against hope that every last boy and their coach made it out alive.

What a terrifying, strange, and unique experience they must have had in there. No one would ever wish for it, but we can all imagine their plight so viscerally.

As a news "junkie", I can confidently say that this is one of the most compelling stories I have ever devoured.

Which is why the storytelling of this one-of-a-kind saga has only just begun.

My advice to the people involved in this magnificent rescue is get ready, because storytellers the world over will be clambering over each other to talk to you now the immediate drama has concluded.

That means prime time current affairs producers, documentary makers, book writers, and Hollywood.

This is a massive story on so many levels that touches the heart. I have no doubt a film will be made about it.

People have made reference in recent days to why we focus so much on 13 boys in one acutely life threatening situation, when there is so many other children around the world in physical and psychological peril of our own making.

It's a fair point - and something worthy of reflection.

But it's also obvious why are hooked by this story. It showcases the best of humanity: ingenuity, courage, dedication, serving the greater good, international fellowship, and cooperation.

If we all lived like this every day instead of fighting amongst ourselves we'd be a lot better off. In that way, it can be a lesson.

The Thai military working with the best of the best cave divers in the world engineered a plan borne of necessity - for those boys and their coach the only way out was diving through that cave. 

And it bloody worked!

Congratulations to all involved, and I hope the boys make a full recovery in hospital.