A weather forecaster has predicted a slight chance of snow for Northern NSW Tablelands.
A weather forecaster has predicted a slight chance of snow for Northern NSW Tablelands. Kim Micke

Will it snow in Northern NSW? This forecaster thinks it will

UPDATE 4.07pm: WHILE a temperature of -21C for Thredbo did briefly appear on July 22, Daniel Barty from the Bureau of Meteorology said this was found to be an anomaly.

He said the bureau undertakes a rigorous process of data quality control which involves both manual and computerised checking of data.

"This process identified the temperature originally recorded by the cooperative observer at Thredbo Village as an anomaly. After seeking more information from the observer, the minimum temperature of -10.5C is now displaying on our website," Mr Barty said.

Still, that's just a 2.3 degrees warmer than the coldest temperature ever recorded in Australia. 


ORIGINAL STORY: SNOW in the Northern NSW Tablelands could be on the cards, according to one amateur weather forecaster.

David Taylor - who runs East Coast Weather Facebook page - has correctly predicted major weather events in the past, and his alarming winter prediction was that Australia could experience its coldest winter on record.

Part of his prediction was temperatures and snowfall could reach shocking levels compared to previous years.

Well that just happened in at least one town - records were smashed on July 22, when temperatures plummeted to -21C in Thredbo, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Australia.

Previously the lowest on record in Thredbo was -12.8C on July 5, 1982, according to WeatherZone.

His latest forecast for parts of Northern NSW, posted this morning, is of wet, cold, white stuff.

"Slight chance of snow for Northern NSW Tablelands in the next five to 10 days," Mr Taylor posted.

The Bureau of Meteorology has not yet released forecasts for the period.

BoM's weather situation for the Northern Tablelands posted this morning said: "A series of cold fronts will move through the state today, generating gusty winds over the southern half.

"On Wednesday, a high pressure ridge will briefly develop over New South Wales, followed by a low pressure system with an associated cold front from late Thursday and during Friday."

Minimum temperatures according to BoM for Tenterfield until Monday are predicted between -2 and 0, with morning frost on some days.