Ryan Maloney rides Spiral to victoy in Race 3 at the Lismore Cup 2018.
Ryan Maloney rides Spiral to victoy in Race 3 at the Lismore Cup 2018.

Will Lismore get another public holiday for the Cup?

PUNTERS and fashionistas could once again enjoy a half-day public holiday for the Lismore Cup, if the council supports the idea.

Lismore City Council will vote on Tuesday on whether to approve an application for the half-day public holiday to coincide with one of the region’s biggest horse racing events.

The request from the Lismore Turf Club asks for the approval of a part-day local public holiday for part of the Lismore LGA for Thursday, September 242020 and Thursday, September 23, 2021, to coincide with the Lismore Cup Day races.

The request is that the holiday be between the hours of midday and 6pm, which is the same time period that was approved for the 2015-2019 Lismore Cup days.

The council papers noted “the concept of a part-day local public holiday for the Lismore Cup is a long standing notion, one which is well known to the community”.

The council had previously asked the Lismore Turf Club to investigate whether it could hold the event on a Saturday to reduce the impact on local business and the wider community.

In a statement to the council, the Lismore Turf Club said “moving to a Saturday was investigated but due to Racing NSW setting race dates and the impact on betting turnover, again this is not possible”.

The club also added it had investgated moving the Cup to school holidays to allieviate any inconviences expereienced by parents with school children but “due to the October long weekend, creating what would be an extra-long weekend and therefore impacting crowd numbers again, means this is simply not viable”.

The event itself provides “significant economic benefit to the local economy and brings in economic benefits from outside the local area” as well as contributing $250,000 worth of “direct economic benefit to local suppliers of goods and services provided to the club”.

The council has also sent correspondence with Lismore Chamber of Commerce, the Catholic Education Office, the School Education Office and the Lismore MP Janelle Saffin to see if there was any objection to the proposed holiday.

The council is expected to make its decison at the council meeting at 6pm on Tuesday.