Will priests have to donate JobKeeper payment to diocese?

NO priests have been asked to donate funds back to the Catholic Diocese of Lismore.


A spokesperson from the diocese confirmed no such request has been made after the ABC revealed this week the Catholic Church in NSW asked some priests receiving JobKeeper to donate almost half of the payment back to the organisation.

The diocese also said that there were a number of eligible priests who were entitled to JobKeeper as Religious Practitioners.

No specific number of how many took up the Government's benefit was confirmed by the diocese, led by Bishop Gregory Homeming.

Other eligible diocesan employers are also receiving JobKeeper for their employees who are entitled to it.

The diocese has authority over a number of educational, health and benevolent organisations all over Northern NSW, and such entities are actively engaging with the community on daily basis whose work remained active during the pandemic, with workers on the job from home or on site throughout the last months.

Priests and other religious practitioners became eligible for JobKeeper following an amendment to the scheme's rules in May.


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