Natalia and Valentine Holmes. Photo: Instagram / @nataliaaholmes
Natalia and Valentine Holmes. Photo: Instagram / @nataliaaholmes

Valentine Holmes’ wife decides to follow him to US

DESPITE the uncertainty over Valentine Holmes' future in the NFL, wife Natalia has made the difficult decision to pack up her life in Townsville and follow him to New York.

Natalia, 23, who married her high school sweetheart in Townsville in May, will leave for the US early next week following her husband's impressive NFL preseason debut for the New York Jets late last week.

But with the possibility of Holmes getting cut for the regular season roster and Natalia having opened a women's fitness studio, First Base Townsville, in June, the couple had spent the year mulling over whether she should move or if they should continue long distance.

"Given there are so many uncertainties over there it is hard to move my whole life over," she told The Courier-Mail.

"We just decided that I am 23 and may as well embrace the move while opportunity is there."

"I want to be there to support him and amongst the craziness of the NFL world, give him some normality."

Natalia and Valentine Holmes married in Townsville in May after a month of planning. Photo: Supplied
Natalia and Valentine Holmes married in Townsville in May after a month of planning. Photo: Supplied


"I am moving over there with an open mind and no expectations."

When Valentine first considered leaving the Cronulla Sharks to pursue his dreams in the NFL late last year, he first discussed it with Natalia.



"He is so supportive of me with my own endeavours and I will always do the same for him," she said.

"We rely on each other a bit. He said 'should I do it?' (about going to the NFL) and I said 'Yep, I am with you, if that's what you want' and so he did."

The dilemma isn't a new one for the Townsville couple, who had a long-distance relationship for more than one year when Valentine graduated from high school and signed with the Cronulla Sharks while Natalia stayed behind to finish Year 12.

"This has been the most difficult though," she said, with Valentine having moved over to the US early this year.

"Being in different countries makes it hard."

While Natalia is incredibly proud of her husband's debut last week, and has bought all the supporter merchandise, she admits she still had a bit to learn about the game.

"I spent the first game cheering for No.39 without realising there was another player with the same number," she said with a  laugh.

"I will get there."