The entire Northern Rivers can expect to see some rainfall over the coming days.
The entire Northern Rivers can expect to see some rainfall over the coming days.

Will you need your umbrella over the weekend?

IT LOOKS like you’re going to need your umbrella if venturing out over the weekend, with predictions the entire Northern Rivers area will get a bit of a soaking.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts an almost 100 per cent chance of rain falling, with some coastal towns expected to receive up to 100mm of rain in the four days from Friday to Monday.

Inland regions, west of Lismore, are predicted to get up to 50mm across the four days.

Today and tomorrow, inland regions can expect 15-25mm rain, and coastal regions up to 50mm.

On Sunday, 15mm could fall across much of the Northern Rivers, with it likely to be a bit wetter in the region’s southern coastal towns.

In 24 hours to 9am this morning, Ballina recorded 47mm of rain, Byron Bay (at Tallow Ck) 40mm, Evans Head 37mm and Lismore 7mm, Casino 8.6mm, Kyogle 4.4mm and Tweed Heads 22mm.

BoM also warns daytime thunderstorms are possible across the Northern Rivers today, Saturday and Sunday and rainfall could be heavy in some places.

Temperatures are expected to be around 19-20C.

BoM’s seasonal outlook predicts Australia generally will be wetter than average and nights warmer than average from August to October.

Conditions in the Pacific and Indian oceans will be a factor in these weather conditions.

The tropical Pacific Ocean is expected to approach La Nina levels over the coming months, and warmer than average waters are likely in much of the central and Indian Oceans – both contributing to a wetter August-October outlook.

BoM predicts a 70-75 per cent chance of the Northern Rivers exceeding the median rainfall across those three months.

Forecast Temperatures


Lismore 10-19C

Ballina 13-20C

Byron Bay 16-19C

Casino 11-20C

Kyogle 11-20C

Tweed Heads 13-20C

Tenterfield 6-15C


Lismore 11-21C

Ballina 13-21C

Byron Bay 16-20C

Casino 11-21C

Kyogle 11-21C

Tweed Heads 13-203C

Tenterfield 6-15C