A baby Willow Dunn with her father Mark Dunn, who has been charged with her murder.
A baby Willow Dunn with her father Mark Dunn, who has been charged with her murder.

Willow’s stepmother: ‘I’m a helicopter mum LOL’

THE stepmother of a Brisbane girl allegedly neglected and murdered by her father described herself as a "helicopter mum" to friends when it came to her "spoiled" children.

Willow Dunn, 4, was found dead in her Cannon Hill home on Monday after allegedly suffering sustained mistreatment.

The death has sparked a child safety investigation after Willow's father, Mark James Dunn, 43, was charged with her murder.

Willow Dunn’s stepmother Shannon White.
Willow Dunn’s stepmother Shannon White.

Her stepmother, Shannon White, who lives at the property, has not been charged.

In messages seen by The Courier-Mail Ms White told friends that she was a doting mother.

"He's like four inches from my bed, I'm a helicopter mum lol," Ms White said in one message last year about one of her biological children.

In another message she said the child was "spoiled" after getting a new walker last year.

A friend told The Sunday Mail he attended a gathering at the Cannon Hill home for a children's play date but did not see WIllow.

"I was there for about 45 minutes to an hour. But everything was seemingly normal," he said.

"My impression of her was that she was a doting mum and gave her children what they wanted."

The man, who met Ms White when buying baby clothes from her on Facebook, said she was excited her adult daughter was coming to live with her.

"She would post about going out clubbing and always posting photos of how much alcohol she had bought for her night out and it escalated a lot when her daughter came up," he said.

"They would find any excuse to celebrate."


Detectives are working to build a picture of Willow's life in the "days, months and years" leading up to her alleged murder.

A post-mortem examination on Wednesday revealed that Willow was "experiencing serious malnourishment, along with many other health concerns that supported sustained mistreatment" when she died.

Willow's mother, Naomi Dunn, died in November 2015 due to complications shortly after the birth of her daughter.

The two women were friends and Ms White served as a bridesmaid at Naomi's wedding to Dunn in 2014.

After Naomi's death, Ms White and Dunn began a relationship.

Dunn has been remanded in custody over his daughter's alleged murder and will return to court on July 20.

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