AUSTRALIAN Olympic fans have been sent into meltdown after Sochi silver medallist David Morris was controversially eliminated from the men's aerial final.

Morris nailed his landing, yet was knocked out by an athlete who stacked it and ate three courses of South Korean snow. The Australian finished 10th, missing out by one spot on progressing to the next stage of the final.

The competitor who knocked Morris out, Jia Zongyang from China, fell spectacularly but somehow scored the same landing points as the Australian. Zongyang went on to win silver.

"I'm in disbelief. It's really unfortunate," said former Olympic gold medallist Lydia Lassila on Channel Seven.

Watch both jumps above and decide for yourself.

"Jia fell over after an uncontrolled landing. Rules are you need to ski in a controlled position...

"He was not in control on that landing. He fell over. So (a score of) 118 for that, I'm in disbelief."

Morris, whose mother is battling cancer, was also miffed by the ruling but said he accepted the judges' decision.

"I think a couple of us are confused about that," Morris said.

"My coach went and asked the judges they gave him four metre of controlled skiing which is what counts for a landing.

"You can watch replays and slow mo and argue as much as you want. They gave him a four metre stance where he had control. I can't argue it. Tough luck for me. That's how these sports go.

"It can't be undone now. It is what it is. I've accepted it. It's fine. I'm pretty happy with myself just to be here and in one piece. Still alive. Goal No.1 didn't die."

On his mother's cancer battle, Morris said: "It's been tricky. Mum is watching at home. I finally allowed myself to get emotional over it after the comp was over. That was nice to let it out. I put a wall up and refused to accept it. I can't do anything about it here, decided not to go home and deal with it. Put it off.

"Now I can deal with it. Back to normal life and accept it as a family and work at it back home...

"It does suck. It sucks for everyone. Miss you. Wish you were here. Would have been great to compete with you watching."

With Australia's women also failing to reach the podium, PyeongChang is the first Olympics since Nagano in 1998 the country has not collected an aerials medal.

David Morris takes to the air during the final.
David Morris takes to the air during the final.