WIRES warn that for wallabies and roos, stress can kill

WIRES have warned local pet owners of the dangers of Stress Myopathy.

The wildlife rescue organisation said they received a call recently from someone reporting neighbouring dogs chasing a wallaby.

Macropods (kangaroos, wallabies and padmelons) cannot handle stressful situations, the spokesperson from WIRES said.

"In the wild, if an animal chases a wallaby, it will kill and eat it.

"When pets chase a wallaby for sport, the animal may escape but will develop Stress Myopathy, an irreversible, always fatal condition with no known treatment."

Stress Myopathy is a gradual breakdown of muscle tissue over a two-week period, causing increasing physical weakness until the animal is dragging itself around - a horrible way to die.

"Please use a lead if you exercise your dog in areas where macropods live," the spokesperson said.

"Contain all pets especially from dusk through dawn when many native wildlife are out and about. It will keep your beloved pets safer, too."

If you spot wildlife in trouble, call WIRES on the local Hotline at 6628 1898.

Any time. 24 hours/7 days.