FLICKERFEST: A still from the short film, Nan and a Whole Lot of Trouble.
FLICKERFEST: A still from the short film, Nan and a Whole Lot of Trouble.

Witness a whole lot of trouble at this year’s Flickerfest

A SHORT film that was shot in Lismore, Tullera and Wardell is just one of the highlights at this year's Flickerfest, which comes to Mullumbimby later this month.

Nan and a Whole Lot of Trouble was written by Sue McPherson, directed by Dena Curtis and produced by Lennox Head's Lois Randall.

This 11-minute film is a comic drama about a family in a spot of trouble.

Nan (Noeleen Shearer) and granddaughter Fuzzy (Amba-Rose Atkinson) of Aboriginal and Irish descent, face off with Aunty Min (Pamela Young) after the passing of a close relative.

Nan keeps a photo album of dead family members, although younger sister Min believes this morbid European tradition is culturally inappropriate.

Ms Randall, who also produced the television series Gods of Wheat Street, said Nan And A Whole Lot of Trouble was a story about "family, identity and how we deal with the death of a loved one".

"I hope that broad audiences will delight in the authentic characters, and the comedy that arises from sisterly conflict in the usually sombre context of the death of a family member," she said.

"In the heightened emotions as our elderly sisters Nan and Min grieve for their brother, conflict escalates and they revert to childish squabbles, with grand daughter Fuzzy becoming the voice of reason.

"It's warm character-driven humour with an underlying narrative about tensions caused when traditions within one family conflict with the cultural practices of the broader Aboriginal community."

Celebrating its landmark 25th year, Flickerfest's 2016 tour will be screened at the Mullum Civic Hall from January 22-24.

Local Mullumbimby residents, Flickerfest director Bronwyn Kidd and tour manager Shane Rennie, said they were thrilled to be bringing the festival to their own village.

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