Police on scene. Picture: Joshua Ogilvie (Facebook)
Police on scene. Picture: Joshua Ogilvie (Facebook)

Witnesses’ terrifying moment eye-to-eye with alleged gunman

A GOLD Coast man has described the terrifying moment he saw an alleged gunman responsible for locking down parts of the Gold Coast jump out of a car with a "huge" firearm.

Police last night declared a PSPA, locking down the area surrounding Eugaree Street to Nerang Street, Falconer Street and Tweed Street after they caught up with the man at a Freedom Fuel petrol station on Nerang Street.

Police outside the service station. Picture: Elias Abreu
Police outside the service station. Picture: Elias Abreu

Specialist police and negotiators eventually convinced the alleged gunman to surrender at 11.55pm, more than three hours after the drama began.

Resident Scott Amos told the Bulletin he was driving back from a late work shift with his 20-year-old son on Kumbari Ave around 8.10pm when they stopped at red lights at the intersection of Wardoo and Johnston Street.

He said he saw a white car, possibly a white Holden SUV, driving northbound before it suddenly turned into oncoming traffic stopped at Johnston Street.

"I noticed it immediately … the car had two flat tyres, I saw (the alleged gunman) look at me, it didn't look right," he said, adding he then "whacked the car in reverse (and) bounced over the median strip" to get away.

As they turned to leave, the pair said they saw a tall man exit the white car holding a "huge hand pistol" and approach the car he'd blocked in.

"Right then he yelled, 'Get the f - k out' at the car," Mr Amos said.

The local photographer said he couldn't believe what had happened and passed a police car, where he relayed some information before the officer told him they had found the alleged gunman.

It's understood the man made his way to Nerang Street where police caught up with him.

It was then, at 8.36pm, that police made an emergency declaration, locking down surrounding streets.

At 11.55pm a 29-year-old man was taken into custody after peacefully surrendering to police.

The man has since been charged with 15 offences including five counts of armed robbery, three counts each of wilful damage and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, two counts of serious assault police whilst armed, and one count of dangerous operation of a vehicle with prior conviction and unlawful possession of a weapon.

He is due to appear in Southport Magistrates Court on Saturday morning.