Woman chokes sister after being told ‘no’ over cigarettes

A WOMAN with a 19-page criminal record was jailed for choking her sister after she refused to give her cigarettes.

The 39-year-old pleaded guilty on March 6 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Julie Marsden said police were called to a dispute at a Denison St residence at 6pm on January 23.

She said the defendant had turned up at her sister's place and asked for cigarettes.

Ms Marsden said when the defendant was told no, she grabbed the victim around the neck by both hands for a few seconds, causing the victim to become dizzy.

She said when the victim got up to get a drink, the defendant punched her in the head.

Ms Marsden said the defendant ran out on to the street, yelling at the victim.

She said police found the defendant on Murray St.

Defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf said his client had a traumatic childhood and was on a disability pension for paranoia schizophrenia.

He said marijuana and alcohol had been a problem for his client since she was 13, and recently methamphetamines too.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said this was an outrageous response to being told no to cigarettes.

"It's important you don't resort to violence when you are not happy with the outcome of things," he said.

Mr Clarke ordered the woman to a 10-month prison term, declared 43 days presentence custody and set parole release immediately.