The dead dog was found just off the trail on Table Top Mountain.
The dead dog was found just off the trail on Table Top Mountain. Bev Lacey

Woman 'disgusted' to find dead dog dumped on Table Top

A RESIDENT enjoying an evening walk up Table Top Mountain yesterday was horrified when she found a large dead dog dumped just off one of the walking tracks.

In a post to the Toowoomba Pets - Lost and Found Facebook group, Flossie Joan said she was "so angry" at the discovery.

"A friend and I were walking around looking for old sticks and bits for our birds when we stumbled across a freshly dug mound of dirt with a part of a grey bag and the dog still sticking up out of the bag," she said.

"I panicked thinking someone had dumped puppies or something so tried to open the bag to see if there was anything alive in there, and instead found the partially decomposed body of a large dog.

"To say I'm disgusted would be an understatement."

Ms Joan said she called parks and wildlife and left a message about the dumping but was concerned the dog may have been stolen. 

"I'm so angry right now. I hope karma catches you quickly," she said.

She described the dog as possibly being a mastiff, Arab or Australian bulldog. 

Although commenting on the post has now been disabled, a number of other residents shared their views and ideas on how the body got there.

"Hopefully the dog is chipped and whatever authority deals with it thinks to scan for it," one resident said.

"I definitely don't think they should have done it there but there's always a chance it was someone's beloved pet and they wanted to bury it somewhere special to them? it might have got partially dug up by a wild animal," another added.

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