Should school staff be available to talk with parents at all times — even when they’re on leave? Picture: iStock
Should school staff be available to talk with parents at all times — even when they’re on leave? Picture: iStock

Mum slammed over school holiday rant

A BRITISH mum has divided parents after complaining that staff at her children's school were not able to be contacted during holidays.

The unnamed woman took to popular parenting forum Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable in wanting principals and senior staff to be available 24/7.

She argued that the "high salaries" awarded to those in these positions meant they should be at every single parent's beck and call.

"A secondary (high school) head is likely to be on ‎£70,000+ ($AU124,000+) and a primary head on ‎£50,000 ($AU88,700+)," she wrote.

"Those are high salaries for positions of senior management responsibility.

"Am I being unreasonable to think they shouldn't just cut off completely in the school holidays?"

"Maybe some heads really are working in the holidays but I know the head at (her child's) school definitely doesn't," the woman continued.

"She is, for example, completely uncontactable from the end of one term to the start of the next."

Unsurprisingly, the mother was overwhelmingly criticised for her stance.

"Everyone is entitled to a holiday," one forum user wrote, while another questioned: "Why, what do you want to say to her that cant wait until your child goes back to school?"

The mother then replied to comments, posting: "I suppose I regard 13 weeks holidays as too much for a manager on a high salary."

That explanation sparked further anger, with one parent replying: "Ah so it comes down to holiday jealousy. Nice."

"I actually don't think that's a huge salary for someone at the pinnacle of their career with the stress and responsibility associated with it. My (son's) head would certainly be contactable for something important during the holidays (NOT petty issues) but that's his own good will," another wrote.

Another accused her of living "in a fantasy world" for thinking educators actually get 13 weeks off each year.

However, the angry mum tried to defend her controversial beliefs.

"Note that I don't resent the holidays of school teachers at all. Just 13 weeks holiday for a highly paid public sector employee in a senior management role," she later posted.

But other parents on the site were unconvinced.

"You do realise they are not paid during those 13 weeks. Teachers are paid for 195 days although to make it easier pay is split equally into 12 chunks. And heads will be working a lot - but having a well deserved rest from parents," another parent argued.