A woman tried to flee police in Molesworth Street, Lismore.
A woman tried to flee police in Molesworth Street, Lismore. John Gass

ARRESTED: Disqualified, on meth, with 3 kids in the car

A WOMAN has attempted to flee police after testing positive for methamphetamine whilst driving with three children in the car.

Richmond Police District Highway Patrol allege that at 5:10pm yesterday they had reason to stop a vehicle on Molesworth Street.

The car was being driven by a 35-year-old Lismore woman and there were three child passengers. Checks on the driver revealed she was disqualified from driving until 2027. The 35 year old was placed under arrest and tested positive for methamphetamine.

The 35-year-old then became argumentative and tried to start her vehicle. Police, along with the help of an off-duty officer who was walking past, stopped the woman from driving off and took her to Lismore Police Station.

The children were taken care of by an older youth.

At Lismore Police station she refused to supply a secondary oral fluid sample.

The 35 year old woman was issued a Field Court Attendance Notice for driving whilst disqualified (2nd+ offence) and refusing or failing to provide oral fluid sample (2nd+offence).

She will appear in Lismore Local Court in March. #LismoreCrime