Thirty bowlers turned out for the first annual Bruce O'Neill Memorial, Gateway Real Estate Sevens at the Kyogle Bowling Club.
Thirty bowlers turned out for the first annual Bruce O'Neill Memorial, Gateway Real Estate Sevens at the Kyogle Bowling Club.

Women bowlers may face dress code violations

BOWLS NSW’s move that allows women bowlers into the once all-male stronghold to be registered and play in all state association events such as pennants has created a dress problem.

Club uniforms for the women and men often differ and the state rules that all players in a side/team must be wearing the same uniform.

A memo to clubs from the Head of Sport and Operations David Ellis, says that in such cases a club must receive an official exemption to allow the women to play in the differing uniform.

An exemption must be obtained if a club has the same design as the men’s uniforms but have a different logo. For instance, Sawtell has the same design and colour but the men have a dolphin logo on the back that the women don’t.

If a club has the same design but slightly different colour – for example, on collar or sleeves – an exemption must be sought. But if the design and colour are the same though sponsors are different, no exemption is needed.

Ellis says the exemption application can be made in an email to him and should include a statement that says it is expected that by the 2021 season all players will be dressed correctly as required by the regulations.

He urges the zone to ensure all clubs with differing uniforms apply for exemption for the 2020 season. Ellis says in his memo this will ‘stop any nark out there protesting and wanting to claim points or forfeits’.


REGARDLESS of ‘narks’ who are ready to complain about anything, our game’s continuing long-standing emphasis on how we look on the green must make it appear as if skill doesn’t count so long as we look pretty.

I thought officialdom would be satisfied if we turned up to play in worn-out gardening gear so long as we had one of its money-making Bowls Australia logos tacked on us somewhere.

But women who are rushing to be allowed to join in playing against the men in Bowls NSW events are finding they need more than just the compulsory official logo. They could be up for expensive men’s gear unless they can wangle an exemption from the state association.

You see, heaven forbid, in some clubs the women’s outfit differs from the men and in Bowls NSW events everyone has to be dressed the same. Even if they get an exemption that allows them to play pennants in their club gear, their club will need to indicate it will conform in 2021.

For goodness sake, Bowls NSW, don’t we have enough nit-picking rules in our game without inventing new ones to cope with a dress situation that has nothing to do with how it is played.

Pennant changes

NRDBA match committee chairman George Newell has notified clubs of changes to pennant dates for the 2020 season.

“Due to the fact that we will no longer be having a 10-week pennant competition, the pennant dates have been changed from those on the Green Card,” he says. “Pennant dates: March 7, 21, 28; April 4, 18; May 2, 9 (spare date May 16). Washed-out games are to be played eight days later on Sunday morning, 9.30am.”

Any players needing regrade are to contact the match committee chairman as soon as possible.

Entries for the district fours and pairs championships will close on January 4 at 6pm. Late entries will not be accepted.

Rankings race

ALSTONVILLE’S Peter Taylor and former Ballina whiz kid Aaron Teys have held their position near the top of national rankings for November. Teys is No 6, Taylor No 7.

Genevieve Delves (Raymond Terrace), who has shot into national recognition after playing the game for only six years, has become the nation’s top-ranked woman bowler. Delves will make her debut for Australia in New Zealand’s Burnside Pairs next month.

The No 1 male bowler is Corey Wedlock who has been selected in Australia’s top five men for the 2020 Trans Tasman event on the Gold Coast in February.

Strong team

AUSTRALIAN selectors, cockahoop after last month’s whitewash of New Zealand, have named a strong side to take on the Kiwis in the Trans Tasman. Both sides will be looking for top performers to include in their world championship squads.

Wayne Ruediger returns to the triples and fours for Australia after his efforts in the Multi Nations event; while Corey Wedlock will move to lead in the pairs alongside Aaron Wilson with Aaron Teys slotted back into the triples and fours to resume a deadly partnership with master bowler Aron Sherriff.

In the women’s side, Kelsey Cottrell has been reinstated to the coveted singles role. Ellen Ryan will lead in both the triples and fours.

New dates

THE devastating bushfires that have been raging in New South Wales are responsible for the postponement of some of the planned Bowls NSW information sessions. Those set down for Milton-Ulladulla and Merimbula have been deferred. The Warilla session was able to take place. Sessions for the South Coast will be reorganised for January.

All class

CURRENT world champion of champions gold medallist Lee Schraner may have retired from international play but he’ll still be a major force in the Perth Suns team for the Bowls Premier League at Moama on February 25-28.

Schraner in a stellar career has won 61 club championships, 40 group titles, 18 state, 15 national and two international titles. He has represented Victoria and Tasmania a combined 297 times.