Women bowing over the men at Masters Games. From left, Melinda Clark, Bob Johnson and Julie Carrall.
Women bowing over the men at Masters Games. From left, Melinda Clark, Bob Johnson and Julie Carrall. Samantha Poate

Women bowling over the men at Masters Games

FEMALE players are vastly outnumbering the men in the 10th Lismore Workers Masters Games lawn bowl registration and its all thanks to softball.

Masters Games organiser Leanne Clark said the increased numbers in female lawn bowlers was due to former softball players making the decision to move to the slightly slower-paced sport.

"It's fantastic - they are passionate and excited, and they certainly bring a bit more fire to the lawn bowls comp," Ms Clark said.

"It is unusual that we have so many women because bowls is often male-dominated. It's a really interesting change."

Melinda Clark is one of these players who has made the switch from softball to lawn bowls for her third Masters Games.

"I really loved the softball Masters Games that I played but I was really not very good at it," she said.

"I really wanted to be part of the Masters Games. I love the concept."

Lismore Bowls Club president Bob Johnson said he was excited to have such an increase in female participants for this year's games.

"Wouldn't that be good if we could get all those girls because they have so many surely they can lend us some for the weekend," he said.

Mr Johnson said the decrease in men's numbers could be attributed to the cost and the fact the competition was spread across the full three days.

"This is actually the first time the numbers haven't been up there. We've really had some great numbers over the years of running it and this is probably the first time we are struggling," he said.

Leanne Clark said overall women's participation in the Master Games was usually higher than the men's.

"Registrations are going really well. We are over 1100 already registered in all of our sports and we're expecting a big bang next week as our close off will come on August 18," she said.

This year the most popular sport is soccer.

"There are 22 women's soccer teams and eight men's teams, so there is a fair bit of difference between the men and women," Leanne Clark said.

The Masters Games is being held at various venues around Lismore from September 22-24.


For more information, registrations or to order merchandise, visit www.lismoremastersgames.com.au