LINE UP: Alison Wonderland will be playing at
LINE UP: Alison Wonderland will be playing at Contributed

Wonderland has a new Messiah

MESSIAH is the new single released by Australian DJ Alison Wonderland.

The songs is a collaboration with Gold Coast producer Mark Landon, better known by his stage name M-Phazes.

He is best known for his production work with artists such as Eminem, Daniel Johns, Kimbra, Eskimo Joe, Bliss'n'Eso and Illy.

Alison Wonderland acknowledged the strange fact that there were remixes of Messiah available online weeks before the actual song was released.

"I have plenty of friends in the music industry and, despite the fact we hadn't released the track, I would say 'hey, do you want this thing I made?'," she said.

"One of my friends, (Norwegian rapper and DJ) Lido, who is a great producer, said he wanted to play with the song, so it happened very organically, which is the best way."

The songs has received great acclaim critically and by fans, after Wonderland and M-Phaze met for a songwriting session the day they met.

"I hadn't really met Mark before, but when I walk into a studio I have to unload all the heavy stuff inside me to write, I need to be comfortable, so I tell them what I am going through and for it no to be it's not awkward," she said.

"The song it's a very important one for me, and when there is chemistry in the studio, what comes out of that is very special."

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