Rural Fire Service keep watch over a property on Whites Road at New Italy.
Rural Fire Service keep watch over a property on Whites Road at New Italy. Marc Stapelberg

Woodenbong residents told to leave or prepare for the worst

WOODENBONG residents are deciding whether to stay or evacuate as the fire conditions worsen.

Emergency services door knocked homes and businesses overnight to encourage people to warn them about the high chance of fire reaching the town.

The RFS has alerted the community the out of control fire is predicted to reach the township of Woodenbong today.

Woodenbong Driveway employee Ross Hines said those people who couldn't defend their homes have chosen to evacuate ahead of time.

"Everyone's handling it good, all the oldies moved out,” Mr Hines said.

"A lot of the older ladies moved a few days ago, their families came and got them and went to Brisbane and Gold Coast.

"The door knocking was a good precaution, they sort of called it off 11pm.

"Everyone is very precautions, we have to be very precaution theses days.

"It's not over yet.”

Mr Hines said the community was banding together assisting those who might need a bit of extra help, including the fire fighters.

"We've got all the landholders with the pods on their utes because the fire spots behind the line with all the embers,” he said.

"They can move the utes around the paddocks, it saves the big tankers from getting stuck.

"They're trying to keep it under control, but it'll just burn for weeks.”

A Woodenbong Hotel employee said people were everywhere around the town working together to keep safe.

"I was here till 2am but I had a pub filled with fire fighters so I figured I was safe,” she said.

"There's people everywhere. The place is filled with fire fighters.”


If you are in the area of Woodenbong and your plan is to leave, leave now in a southerly direction towards Urbenville.

Monitor conditions.

If you are in the area of Dairy Flat and Hilderbrands Road, monitor conditions.

The fire has burnt 4440 hectares in size and is out of control.

Take advice from from firefighters in the area, particularly for residents in the Grahams Creek Road area