Redheaded bridesmaid asked to dye hair by bride

UPDATE: THE redheaded bridesmaid asked to dye her hair for a wedding by the bride has now revealed the real reason for the bizarre request.

The Sun reports the unknown woman, who originally took to Reddit to ask others if she was being unreasonable telling her friend she wasn't comfortable dying her hair "ginger" brunette, posted another update saying the groom has a "redhead fetish".

"I didn't hear anything from Ella regarding the hair dying so I spoke to my parents, who in turn spoke to Ella's parents who then must have spoken to Ella's older brother, who I will call Charles, who I've also grown close to over the past few years," she wrote.

"A little bit of background, Ella has been with her fiancé Pete since she was 15, he was (and I assume still is) a friend of Charles, which is how Ella and Pete met."

She said Charles informed her that Pete (the groom) has a "redhead fetish" and this was why she was being asked to dye her hair.

"It's something they always joked about in their teens (although that joking stopped when Pete began dating his younger sister).

"Ella actually dyed her hair red (something I sort of remember) for several years in her teens but it basically became too damaged and costly to continue doing and she returned to her natural hair colour. Charles would bet this is why she's requesting I dye my hair."

She said it all made sense after that.

"I've met Pete a couple of times and Ella always seemed to be in a rush to leave the conversation and move on. He also stared a lot."

But she questioned why she was even asked to be a bridesmaid if her friend knew her groom-to-be had a thing for redheads.

"I'm generally fairly quiet and accommodating person so I guess she figured I'd just go with it."

She has since pulled out of the wedding.

"I emailed Ella to tell her I'm no longer able to be a bridesmaid, I haven't heard anything back although I know she's seen the message. I will probably not be going to the wedding at all. The whole situation is just too weird and uncomfortable, I'm assuming there's no coming back from this."


A BRIDESMAID has been asked to dye her "ginger" hair for her friend's wedding because it is "attention grabbing".

The unknown woman took to Reddit to ask if she is being reasonable in telling her friend (the bride) she wasn't comfortable dying her hair

"So I've known my friend, who I'll refer to as Ella, since I was a child as she's the daughter of family friends but we've only become close in the past 2 or 3 years," she explained on Reddit.

"She recently became engaged, and I readily accepted her offer to be part of her bridal party.

"Yesterday morning I received an email from Ella. It seemed pretty standard but then when she got into the look she wants for her bridesmaids she wrote 'Bridehairthrowaway, you'll need to dye your hair for the day, I'll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost :)'."

She said this hadn't been mentioned to her previously and being a "natural ginger" she didn't think she had an "outrageous hair colour".

"Ella and her other bridesmaids are all brunettes. I texted Ella about it, she told me my hair would clash with the wedding colours and that brides get a veto over pretty much every aspect of her bridesmaids' appearances.

"She also mentioned my hair is quite 'attention-grabbing' and I'd take away from the cohesiveness of the group."

Despite telling Ella she wasn't comfortable dying her hair, the bride said she'd get back to her and hoped she'd reconsider.

"#Am I being reasonable here?" she asked other Redditors.

"I've never been involved in a wedding before so I'm not quite sure what's expected of me.

"I've gotten some messages from the other bridesmaids who are telling me I should just do it."

Many were quick to tell her she isn't being unreasonable, the bride is.

"You are not being unreasonable at all! I'm planning my wedding now, and I'd NEVER ask bridesmaids to dye their hair! This is bridezilla-level s**t, like she's scared of being upstaged by her 'maids, so she's making crazy demands.

"She's being ridiculous. Tell her you'd love to be a bridesmaid, but you won't dye your hair. And if she insists on the hair, you should decline to be a bridesmaid," user tsukiii wrote.

User fysit said: "Same, I'm planning my wedding and to ease on my bridesmaids who all have different hair colours and skin tones, I told them they could pick their own dress. Some brides get caught in the colour theme and forget that their maids are individuals and that should be taken into consideration."

Others told her not to give in to the bizarre request and change her appearance.

"Maybe [change] what you're wearing but not your actual appearance. This is some serious bridezilla nonsense. Tell her that you'd have to live with this change for long after her wedding day is over and you are not willing to do it. She'll stand out anyway. She'll be wearing a wedding dress," another Redditor wrote.

"Dying her hair will actually make the bridesmaid stand out MORE. Everybody that knows bridesmaid will be more drawn to the change, it will actually detract from the bride to have such a big appearance change like that on display," user punfree said.