When it comes to love of food, Byron has that special sauce

THIS is like a culinary love letter to Byron Bay.

Anyone in the know would tell you that Three Blue Ducks at The Farm in Ewingsdale is a pretty special place to dine out.

The food is good and grown within a stone's throw of your table, the waiting staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and the setting is your typical rustic take on the Australian tin shed.

The menu is also pretty special.

One of Three Blue Ducks' fish dishes on Saturday night featured XO sauce, which is well known if you are a lover of Chinese cuisine.

XO sauce is believed to have emerged from Hong Kong in the 1980s and is named after XO cognac, even though there's most likely none in most recipes.

It's got an expensive list of ingredients as long as your arm including dried scallops squid and shrimp, and Jinhua ham.

It's costly in terms of the time it takes to make and usually comes with an expensive price tag if you buy some off the shelf.

After exclaiming how good the XO fish dish was at Three Blue Ducks on Saturday night, the waiter went in to pass the compliments on to the chefs and then came back with a little takeaway tub to try at home.

Now that, right there, is one of the reasons Byron deserves to be up there as one of the top foodie capitals of Australia.