WISE: Elsa Bertram, 10, of Albert Park Public School.
WISE: Elsa Bertram, 10, of Albert Park Public School.

Year 5 student's message to the PM: 'Stop pushing'

HI, I'M Elsa.

I'm in Year 5 at Albert Park Public School.

Nearly two years ago I went through a flood and lost nearly all my stuff but, luckily for me and my family, we are okay and we have a better plan for next time.

Because we know that climate change is here already.

And if we don't act now to stop burning coal, there will be many more damaging natural disasters in my lifetime.

Today we are hearing a lot about us humans.

But this world is so much more than us.

Although it is great that we are focusing on the children's future, what about the other creatures on the planet?

We are responsible for them too.

Every day animals are going extinct. Species by species.

Australian animals that I have found that are going extinct from climate change this second are the mountain pygmie possum and the green and gold bell frog.

We are not worrying about the animals that are at the front of the line for extinction.

Our teachers are always saying "don't push in line".

But that is exactly what we are doing.

All animals are connected to us as part of the ecosystem.

The more animals we push over the line to extinction, the closer we get to the front of that line.

So my message to you, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is: Stop pushing!