A Rockhampton man didn't hold back on social media saying drug dealers are the 'scum of the earth'.
A Rockhampton man didn't hold back on social media saying drug dealers are the 'scum of the earth'.

'You are the scum of the earth': man's message to dealers

ROCKHAMPTON resident Scott Robertson was enjoying a night out with friends when a Facebook post caused him to go for the jugular of local drug dealers.

"Every person that is new to ice that you put onto the drug you are ruining their whole life just to benefit from $30 a point," Scott said on a 46-second video to Facebook.

"You are the scum of the earth."

He said reading that two people had died caused him to see red.

The Rockhampton man said drug dealers were changing the town he had grown up in.

"This ice epidemic is making it unsafe for normal hard-working people," he said.

"It's not like you can move away from it. It's everywhere even in the small rural towns."

He said death was becoming commonplace because of drugs.

"People are hearing about people dying and they don't even double take," he said.

While some points of Scott's rant could be described as offensive, his passion was motivated by personal experience.

"I've watched family and friends destroy themselves from the drug and will continue no matter what to tell them they need to stop," he said.

"My views on it are so strong.

"It's very dangerous drug and so easily available."

Scott hoped the proposed rehabilitation centre would help Rockhampton's drug problem.

The video was met by dozens of supporters who praised Scott for his view on the topic.

Jade Molloy said Scott was the type of person who should lead the community.

"I would vote for you to be head of government/ police enforcement or at least on the council," she wrote on Facebook.

Rachael Walsh agreed. "Scott Robertson 4 mayor," she said.

Graham Fletcher said "Very well said I'm over the crime and stuff from it all so they can get there next hit, something should be done about it".

Ros Flynn said "You tell them mate. I have no time for this."

JoJo Lea said "Good for you mate. Spot on".