So, Wyrallah Road may not be the worst road on the Northern Rivers but it’s close.
So, Wyrallah Road may not be the worst road on the Northern Rivers but it’s close. Samantha Elley

You have told us your worst roads on the Northern Rivers

SO WHEN I shared my grievances about Wyrallah Road, I put it as a question as to whether or not it was the worst road in the Northern Rivers.

Many readers agreed with me but many also listed roads they felt were similar or worse.

“Try Friday Hut Rd and Possum Creek Rd,” Anthony Ross posted.

“You obviously haven't been to Old Bonalbo. It's hard to find a good bit of road here,” Cindy Chivers wrote.

Many Coraki residents shared their grievances about Coraki Road, between Coraki and Ruthven.

“Ruthven straight is a disgrace,” Rosemary Beasley wrote on the Coraki Classifieds Facebook page.

“It is the main access road into Coraki from Lismore. Hundreds use it each day.”

Concerns that money was being directed into ‘less worthy’ pursuits was also raised, as well as the quality of roadworks.

“Don't let that stop our council for putting more art in the CBD along with more roundabouts in unnecessary areas and re painting a bridge,” Adam White posted.

“Let's add fixing only half of a single road all over the place and only doing it cheaply so it's stuffed in two years anyway.”

Other roads that got a mention include:

  • Cowlong Road, McLeans Ridges
  • Richmond Hill Road
  • Keerrong Road
  • Nimbin Road
  • Bangalow Road
  • Dunoon Road

Some readers also queried why Eltham Road seemed to be getting a bigger volume of truck traffic along it.

“It seems in the last four to five months the trucks on this road has increased,” Wendy Walker posted.

“No doubt the condition of this road is going to deteriorate due to large trucks using a winding country road.”