SOUNDBATHS: Chicchan and the crystal singing bowls at the Starlight Festival 2017.
SOUNDBATHS: Chicchan and the crystal singing bowls at the Starlight Festival 2017.

Your quick (and quirky) guide to the Starlight Festival

CONSCIOUS markets, wellness, healing, yoga, soundbaths, tarot, psychics, workshops and talks are once again meeting in Bangalow for the Starlight Festival 2020, starting on Thursday, January 2, in Bangalow.

The festival has expanded and it includes the Unity Space (Moller Pavillion), Soul Sounds (Bangalow RSL Hall), Heart Space (Scouts Hall), Wisdom Room (at the back of the cafe area) and Sacred Space (Bangalow Public School Hall), as well as the A & I Hall.

For those who may not know what to expect, this is a quick guide to the quirky event.

1. Soundbaths: Given the current water restrictions, Byronites offer a more spiritual alternative to the morning shower: a soundbath.

This year, the festival offers six practitioners in sound healing, from kirtan, mantra to the all encompassing soundbath: Chiccan, Alicia Miyagawa, Seriya, Candace and Simo Earl, Phil Flood and Eeka King.

2. Taking massage to a new level: Elements of Touch is a (literally) hands-on interactive workshop that offers new ways to think about touch, through the lens of the five elements and principles of massage style ZenThai Shiatsu. It is offered as a combination of Thai massage, Zen Shiatsu, osteopathy and yoga.

3. Atlantis Ring: Steven and Evan Strong claim to have assembled facts about archaeological finds, genetics, serpent myths, Dreaming stories, Amerindian myths and parallels in religious texts into "one coherent theory".

They explain that three rings were made in Atlantis and the seem to claim to be in possession of one, based on their website.

4. A numbers' game: The Art of Number, a workshop by Jain, explains the Language of Sacred Geometry, showing the mathematical derivation of ancient symbols like the Golden Spirals, pentagons, Star of David, labyrinths and others.

He claims that when numbers are translated into high visual content, "a phenomena happens that created Whole Brain Learning."

5. Transference Healing: Sally Newton is the owner of LunaGaia Alchemy, and offers Transference Healing, a "divinely orchestrated healing process channelled in 1999 by Alexis Cartwright and gifted to humanity," and working with the lightbody, it creates alchemy by accessing the resources of frequency, hight and matter to initiate and support 'transference', a shift from one state of bring to another," according to Ms Newton's website.

At the A & I Hall, Bangalow, from Thursday to Sunday. $25. For details visit