YOUR SAY: Concert no place for a four-month-old baby

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers were not moved by a woman's complaint that she would need to buy an extra ticket for her son, who is four-months-old, if she wanted to bring him with her to an Ed Sheeran concert.

Speaking to the ABC, Kirsty McDonald said that she had bought standing tickets to Sheeran's sold out show with her mother and sister-in-law, not thinking she would need to buy an extra ticket for her son, Leni, who is breastfeeding.

He was not even yet born when tickets went on sale last year.

However, as the date of the concert approached, she realised she would need to take Leni with her because he has a medical condition that requires her to breastfeed him and she wanted to check that she would be able to take him in a baby carrier.

When she contacted the ticket seller Ticketek, she was told she wouldn't be able to bring him without him having his own ticket.

It turns out the decision was made by event promoter, Frontier Touring.

They defended the decision, saying it was for safety reasons as they need to know how many people are at the venue.

Sue Brooks said the mother should stay at home and care for her baby.

"Sensible rule," she wrote.

"Should not take a tiny baby to a concert."

Melissa Dower agreed.

"What happens when someone accidentally elbows or walks into the baby.

"Keep your baby at home for goodness sake." Lynda Maree wondered why anyone would take a four-month-old baby to a concert, while Krystle Wellings had a simple solution.

"Buy a ticket for the baby or stay home," she wrote.

"Problem solved."