Mayor Isaac Smith addresses Lismore City Council about increasing rates.
Mayor Isaac Smith addresses Lismore City Council about increasing rates.

YOUR SAY: Rate hike for Lismore residents

DISAPPOINTED residents are not impressed with Lismore City Council decision to increase rates to fund a massive investment in local roads.

After a heated debate during Tuesday's council meeting over whether the decision to increase rates by up to 24 per cent over four years should be rescinded, Mayor Isaac Smith used his deciding vote to continue with the council's rate hike plan.

But residents are angry with the decision, and some are even calling for the council to be sacked.

The council voted to ask IPART for a rate increase over 4 years, starting with 7.5 per cent in the first year, 9.4 per cent in the second year, 3.9 per cent in the third and 3.2per cent in the fourth year.

The council will now write to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal, which will make the final decision on whether to approve the increase.

When The Northern Star Facebook readers were asked if they supported the council's decision, comments were overwhelmingly against the SRV.

James Luke: Prove to the ratepayers the increase is going where they say it is. Show me the increased spending on roads. If not council should be dismissed and investigated.

Bruce Jones: I think IPART requires public consultation....unfortunately there is no direction from them to insist on agreement by the ratepayers and community.

Warren Matthews: This council should be sacked and Issac needs to be held personally responsible for the failings of council under his leadership.

Chantico Love: Many people may have to sell their homes, so many already struggling to pay rates now. Such a huge rise, Is it even legal to raise rates like this?

Michelle Anderson: It's disgusting how they treat our community.

Deborah Perry: On top of having to buy feed and water for our stock now a rate rise in the worst drought in decades, onya Council.

Phil Bowman: How about learning to balance your budget instead of asking the rate payers to pay for your incompetence?