'You're a dead man walking': Court hears mum's tirade at son

A MUM on the warpath, seething with rage at her teenage children, smashed down her son's bedroom door with a sledgehammer, even threatening to have him killed.

"You are a dead man walking," she yelled at him.

The 43-year-old Springfield Lakes mother pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to obstructing police, and to three charges of contravening domestic violence orders in April and June 2018.

Her lawyer told the court she was in a loving and supportive relationship with her husband of 20 years but had alcohol issues.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said police received a 000 call from her son, aged 17, on April 24, saying his mother smashed down his bedroom door with a sledgehammer after "drinking alcohol all day".

Police found the door to be completely destroyed, the mother later telling them she was trying to teach her son a lesson.

Sgt Caldwell said officers had to handcuff the woman because of her behaviour.

When arrested and taken to a police car, the mother kept refusing to sit up so her seatbelt could be put on.

She continued to verbally abuse the officers, saying "f--- you, I don't give a f---", while laying down again across the back seat.

Placed in a cell at the police watch house the irate mother began kicking the glass door before being moved to a padded cell.

In an incident on June 27 the mother threw punches at her daughter and scratched her face when the daughter asked where her belongings were.

The frightened daughter barricaded herself in a bedroom using a set of drawers.

Her mother threatened that she would get a sledgehammer to force entry.

Sgt Caldwell said the girl phoned her brother, who arrived home to help her.

The court heard that police located the older teenage girl with facial injuries.

When their mother left with police, she stopped and gave her children a menacing look.

The son told police that when he arrived home he poured an open bottle of vodka down the sink and his mother lunged at him.

"Fearing for his safety he restrained his mother on a couch and she continued with a tirade of abuse," Sgt Caldwell said.

"She says she will organise someone to kill him, and he was a dead man walking."

Defence lawyer Brianna McKenzie said the woman lived in a loving relationship and had other children.

She had no criminal history.

Ms McKenzie told the court the woman had sought mental health help and treatment for alcohol and anger issues.

"She recognises her actions were wrong, and has shame, embarrassment and genuine remorse," Ms McKenzie said.

Magistrate David Shepherd said the offences were serious and were likely brought about by the woman's excessive use of alcohol.

He said he had read her husband's letter, but blaming their children was not going to achieve anything, and that the responsibility lay with her.

Mr Shepherd said underlying issues needed to be dealt with as alcohol would only make matters worse.

"Irrespective of their attitudes to life it would be unpleasant to see their mother conducting herself in that way," Mr Shepherd said.

He sentenced her to a supervised 12-month probation order to allow the continuation of her rehabilitation process.