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YouTube comedian in racist low blow towards Premier

A YouTube star promoted by Jodi McKay after a "friendly" 40 minute chat with the Labor Leader has been condemned for "very offensive" impersonations of the Premier and Deputy Premier "full of racist undertones".

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, which can be seen below, Jordan Shanks, also known as 'friendlyjordies', impersonated John Barilaro with a heavily exaggerated accent.

"I don't mind taking the mickey out of myself, but this is actually very offensive," Mr Barilaro told The Daily Telegraph.

"It's a low attempt at comedy and full of racist undertones."


Mr Barilaro was born to Italian migrant parents who came to Australia in 1968.

Last week, Mr Shanks impersonated Gladys Berejiklian with a similarly racially-charged accent (below).

Ms Berejiklian was born in Sydney to her Armenian parents. She didn't speak English until she was five years old.

A spokeswoman said Ms McKay had no involvement with the video, or Mr Shanks. That's despite appearing in a separate 40 minute interview with the comedian earlier this month, and promoting the video on social media.


"To imitate both myself and the Premier with such obvious distaste for our backgrounds is unacceptable," Mr Barilaro said.

"Our migrant story is actually the Australian success story, one this nation is proud of."

The videos come after Mr Shanks posted a self-described "friendly" video with Ms McKay earlier this month in which she accused the Premier of killing koalas and other animals during last summer's bushfires.

The Daily Telegraph was told Ms McKay hadn't seen the exaggerated impersonations.



Originally published as YouTube comedian in racist low blow towards Premier