YOUR SAY: Zoo has lost support until situation is rectified

HOW horrific to learn of the choas at Australia Zoo wildlife hospital (Daily, October 3).

This facility was the envy of all animal care and rehab in Australia.

To have Dr Lacasse resign because she could not work with the cutbacks to qualified staff is alarming but also the departing staff citing inferior care to the extent that after a letter to Terri Irwin was ignored, contacted Queensland Health claiming serious cases of mistreatment and incorrect supply of medication by unqualified staff.

This facility, the envy of the world, is now being run as a business for profit at all costs.

Now I understand why Bob Irwin left, dejected at the way the zoo was heading, and I'm sure there is a tear in heaven from Steve as he would never have allowed this.

Will I continue my monetary support for the hospital?


Will I recommend people visit the zoo?


Not until this deplorable situation is rectified.

ROBYN JAY, Mt Coolum